Dianjin Chuan + military stocks showed their strength from a drop of 100 points to a rise of 152 points | Anue tycoon-Taiwan stock market trend

Taiwan stocks opened lower and higher today (29). Not only did they turn red from a drop of 100 points, but they were led by electronics, finance, and property value stocks. Among electronics stocks, military and automotive concept stocks were strong, and the index stock Iron Man , One Piece cheered, the finaleweighted indexIt rose 152.77 points to close at 14709.64 points, and the trading volume expanded to 213.611 billion yuan.

The weight king, TSMC, gapped and opened low. The market once fell by more than 100 points and fell to 14,500 points. However, when the bargain hunting entered the market, TSMC finally rose 6.5 yuan and rose 1.35%. It closed flat at 100 yuan, and Daliguang fell 5 yuan to close at 2270 yuan, which continued to be below the 5-day line, but the 10-day line held.

For the rest of the electronics heavyweight stocks, MediaTek also surged 1.42%, but the 5-day line is still under upward pressure, and the panel Shuanghu and UMC both closed in the red.

As for the production sector, shipping stocks are the most eye-catching group among various stocks today. Taiwan Shipbuilding has reached the top. EVA Air and China Airlines also benefited from the theme of unblocking, and also rose by about 5-7%. The stock rose more than 3%.

Iron man is also very popular. Zhonghong, Weizhi, and Century Steel rose by 3-5%. Sinosteel, Yexing, Haiguang, and Guantian Steel all rose by more than 2%, pushing up the steel index by more than 2%.

In addition, due to the impact of the war between Russia and Ukraine and the white paper revolution, military concept stocks rose sharply.

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Automobile concept stocks are also the focus of the bulls. Yongchang closed at the daily limit price, and Shengke, Lianya, and Tyvisi also stepped up their horsepower.

On the whole, Taiwan stocks surged more than 150 points today. Although the lower edge of the gap of 14638 was recovered yesterday, the upper edge of the gap of 14756 points has not yet been overcome. To continue to attack, it depends on the follow-up foreign capital development.

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