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The Guinean midfielder tells himself in a long interview with AS: “Winning the Conference was a joy, even if I wasn’t a protagonist”

Amadou Diawara it’s said. In a long interview with AS, the Guinean midfielder from Romaspeaks of the future, but also of the past, of his relationship with José Mourinhoof the Conference League won – even if a little on the edge of the project.

Amadou, how did your football adventure start? “Childhood in Guinea was not easy. My father was a teacher and he didn’t want me to play, but I managed to convince him and the first chance I had he made me travel to Italy. At the beginning it was particularly difficult for me. adapt to such a tactical game “.

– Your background was different. “In Africa we played on the street, that’s how you have to learn, but I appreciate it: it’s the best way. There are no rules, you have to be careful not to get hurt, not to fall … It’s what made me stronger” .

In a short time, Bologna noticed you. “While in San Marino I did some tests in the team of the director Corvino, I could not sign for Bologna because it was in Serie B, and I was from outside the Community. As soon as I got up he signed me for the Primavera. Delio Rossi wanted me with the team. first team after the summer retreat and I was lucky to have space there “.

After only a year the call of Napoli arrived. What was it like working with Sarri? “Maurizio is crazy, a teacher. In the first training sessions my head hurt, the ball went too fast.”

You have gained confidence: he was also a starter at the Bernabéu. “I didn’t expect it either, but I felt that I was fine and I arrived there with a calm that I did not imagine. I had Cristiano, Benzema, Kroos, Casemiro in front of me … I was stuck thinking that I had only seen these games on television in Africa, and suddenly it was there. “

That night he ran into Maradona. “It was a privilege, I met the God of football, as they say in Naples. I remember that in the Bernabéu locker room he gave us incredible energy. It is no coincidence that we went out on the pitch so well and we managed to score the 0-1 “.

The Neapolitans remember Chievo for a great goal, when the Scudetto was close, in 2018. “It was a corner kick. Normally, I was out of the area, but I heard something and went in. Milik combed the corner and I scored. I started running to celebrate and I didn’t even know where to go .. . That goal brought us closer to the Scudetto, which in the end we won despite having scored 91 points. This is football, we hope that Napoli will succeed one day. “

Later you met Ancelotti. “Carlo is a gentleman, everyone knows that. In the summer he arrived, I remember that one afternoon I received several video calls from an unknown number. I didn’t want to answer and a few minutes later I received a normal call. There I answered and he he said ‘Hey, I’m the coach’. Another thing stuck with me. The day I left, he stopped his car to come and say hello and he did it with a love that I will remember for a lifetime. “

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You went from Naples to Rome, where you had little space this year. “The first two years went well, but knee injuries and the pandemic stopped my growth. Then came Mourinho, working with him was another dream that came true. He brought a lot of excitement to the club and the city. . I had a good relationship with him, even if he never had space. They are technical decisions, the coach was always clear with me and I accepted him. “

It was not his fault, but the match against Verona in 2020 was not very lucky. “It was all very strange. Suddenly I went home and started receiving dozens of insults and I didn’t know why. I’m a footballer, I think about training and doing it well, I don’t understand the bureaucracy …”.

What was it like to win the Conference League? “A Cup is always a Cup, it was an incredible experience to live a title from the inside. The city had been waiting for a trophy for a long time and, even though I wasn’t a protagonist, I lived it with joy. I helped in what I could: train at my best “.

What do you expect for your future? “I’d like to find a team where I can have space, but the market depends on many factors, not just me. I believe in my potential and I feel I can do well.”

Would you like to have an adventure in Spain? “I love La Liga. If an opportunity presents itself, of course.”

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