Díaz promises to raise 10,000 million more from large companies by toughening the corporate tax

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The PSOE and Sumar government agreement includes a toughening of the corporate tax that, according to the acting second vice president, Yolanda Díaz, will alone increase collection by “10 billion“. That figure will come from large companies, which Díaz has accused of engaging in “tax engineering” to pay less taxes.

“This reform will ensure that 15% effective taxation is achieved on the accounting result of large companies in the corporate tax in the terms agreed at a global level”, states the document that Díaz and the acting president, Pedro Sánchez, presented this Tuesday. And in that intervention is when the leader of Sumar launched the figure of 10,000 million once the measure is fully developed.

Applying the tax “on real profits” and “not on what [las empresas] “They tell us what they receive,” said Díaz, who also pointed out that a self-employed person or a small businesswoman pays taxes at 17.5%, while a large multinational pays 3.8%. “And this is not fair, it has to end“he remarked.

The Treasury, however, does not confirm this information, which is undoubtedly very striking since it would imply a very sensitive collection capacity. Proof of this is that the corporate tax contributed 32,000 million in the entire last year, so that this action would mean one third of the entire tax.

The lack of specificity in the document, added to this lack of confirmation by the Treasury and the roundness of the figure, suggests that behind this promise there is more political discourse than an in-depth tax study on what, in reality, is the impact of measure.

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