Dick Advocaat announces return on TV: ‘Get about the salary I had as a 25-year-old’ | Ado den Haag

“I assume only a travel allowance?”, presenter Wilfred Genee wonders aloud in conversation with Advocaat, after the program has ended. “Only travel expenses”, Advocaat jokes. The two talk after the broadcast in the corridors. ,,No, I have about the salary I received when I left as a 25-year-old. Then you know how much that is. Then I had to work on the side indeed and I lived in a very small flat. Now it’s gotten a little bigger.”

Just before that, Advocaat announced live in the program that he had been approached by ADO director Edwin Reijntjes. A little later he turned out to have already given his yes to the club from The Hague. Lawyer had already discussed this with his wife, he tells Genee. “My wife wouldn’t let me go abroad anyway. It had to be close by, so there’s not much left. I had discussed it with her, but this was no problem.”

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Lawyer celebrated his 75th birthday in September and he seemed to have already ended his coaching career. But he will go back to work for ADO Den Haag. ,,Why? The love for ADO Den Haag, and the ego of Dick Advocaat, yes. And the circle. I started there, played football there for fifteen years and now I end up there as a trainer. I think this is best for ADO, for those five to six months.”

“I want to put something in place so that they can continue,” says Advocaat. ,,I certainly think that the selection has possibilities, otherwise I wouldn’t have done it. The audience also has to come back a bit, because last time there was only 5000 people I think. Or is there something else that needs to be purchased? In principle, we have to look in this group, there are not many options.”

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I haven’t spoken to Dirk yet, but I’ll send him a message anyway to see if everything is arranged financially

Dick Lawyer

In The Hague, Lawyer succeeds Dirk Kuyt, who was fired on Thursday. De Katwijker was working on his first coaching job in The Hague, but saw it come to an end in the court city after 176 days due to the poor results. “I haven’t spoken to Dirk yet, but I’ll send him a message anyway to see if it’s all arranged financially,” says Advocaat. ,,I don’t know yet, also because it only came around today (Friday, ed.). I think Dirk is a nice guy, but we are not close.”

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