Did Chiquis catch Lorenzo Méndez in the move?

This morning at the shows on the radio show “El Roa Show”, Sergio Becerra and Gabriel Roa spoke about the separation of Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Méndez who surprised everyone again.

After the extensive message launched by the daughter of La Diva de La Banda, the singer Lorenzo, was not left behind and also sent hints regarding their separation, which indicates that the couple is too hurt and hurt by something that happened.

The most read! Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Méndez definitely separate

Mainly Chiquis has shown to be quite affected by this situation because through their stories of Instagram has posted phrases and photos that would prove to be having a much more difficult time than the previous one.

“I learned that the person who arrives is the right person. Because no one appears in your life by chance. Some come to teach you to love, and others so that you learn to love yourself. ”

He even shared a story from a bouquet of roses that came to him, but not from Lorenzo, but it is speculated that it is from a flower shop that found out about the situation that they sent her this detail to encourage her.

However that is not all, because also shared a story of the upcoming start of the season of “I have talent, a lot of talent”, which he accompanied with the song of nothing more and nothing less than the singer Maluma entitled, “Hawai”, the so-called song that everyone sings with healthy spite, but why that song and not another?

On the other hand Lorenzo, through a call he had with Sergio Becerra, the former vocalist of La Original also made certain statements with a sharp tone:

“We’ll talk later, right now I can’t,” said Méndez.

But through “hints” on social networks, Lorenzo showed that he too is having a bad time by sharing a tweet that said:

“Do you want to see who values ​​and respects you? See how they treat you after they no longer need you”

He immediately deleted it, but Sergio Becerra rescued him to share it. Then he shared another tweet again where he clarified that it was not a hint for his still wife.

“The last tweet that I deleted is not for my wife, do not tie knives”

Lorenzo before the separation has shown something more than an acceptance and resignation about the separation, because it also gave a lot to talk about with a video that he uploaded to his Instagram singing the theme of “La Barca”, with a tremendous and such beautiful interpretation, in which he also showed that he had a long and sad face.

Which could indicate that he sings to his wife, with the suspicion that Chiquis may have been the first to make the decision to move away again, that although the reasons are still not very clear, it is speculated that something must have caught him the interpreter of “overtime” to the singer, as well Chiquis decided to stop following her husband.

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