Did Chiquis Rivera already forget Lorenzo Méndez?

The singer was seen with another man who could be her new love

Chiquis Rivera seems to have turned the page and given a new chance in love with another man, just a month after announcing her separation from Lorenzo Mendez

Recently several reporters captured the daughter of Jenni Rivera, enjoying a meal in the company of the businessman Jorge Cuevas, where they are seen laughing and shooting each other knowing glances, which could indicate a possible romance.

In the images you can see how the businessman did not take his eyes off him and was reciprocated, since the singer reacted to the gaze in a very flirtatious way, causing speculation about their relationship.

This is not the first time Chiquis goes out with the businessman, because a couple of days ago an image was leaked where caves and the artist were alone eating one of the favorite dishes from Mr. Tempo’s restaurant.

Regarding the rumors about your niece’s love life, Lupillo Rivera I tell the ‘First Hand’ program that Chiquis she is an adult woman and is responsible for her decisions.

“We have talked, she is already a woman, who already makes her own decisions and we have to let her be because only this is how people learn in life; then she knows that she has my full support in any decision, “he said.


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