Did Kazem El-Saher marry the Egyptian artist Mona Mamdouh? Get to know the real story


Did Kazem El-Saher marry the Egyptian artist Mona Mamdouh? Know the real news: The famous artist Kazem El-Saher, who millions of girls and women love about the Arab world, and his rumors of his marriage to female artists and others were released more than once, and this time the rumor of his marriage was launched by the Egyptian artist Mona Mamdouh, who denied The news completely, after publishing a picture that brings them together on its page on the Instagram website.

Did Kazem El-Saher marry the Egyptian actress Mona Mamdouh

After the spread of a picture of the artist Kazem El-Saher’s gathering with the artist Mona Mamdouh, they were said to have married, while the artist denied these words, and that this photo was previously published on one of the accounts. Actress Mona Mamdouh commented on the photo, saying “No comment.”

The truth of the image of Kazem El-Saher and Mona Mamdouh

This photo was taken in a meeting with the artist Kazem El Saher and artist Mona Mamdouh’s collection in Barcelona, ​​Spain, and when the photo was published on her Instagram account, this was last August, and she said about her:

“I am happy to see you after 15 years, when I used to work with you with a clip, and when I spoke to my mother, may God have mercy on her on the phone and told you that you are her favorite singer, I rejoiced that I heard you live, a real, great and happy star. I saw you after all the years. ”

Which means that it is just a passing picture and no reality of what was circulated of their marriage.


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