Did the noskins keep their eyes open for crying? Escape the couple just before the birth!

He has been whispering about relationship problems for a long time Noskové and Chandy. It should have been so intense in recent days that Chanda decided to take a holiday from Michaela and go to Africa at the end of the year. “I can’t deny the information, in any case I don’t see a reason to discuss it at the moment, “ told TN.cz Čanda, who works in an agency that deals with issues of human safety, shooting training and self-defense.

Nosková: I’m giving birth in January!

However, Nosková sharply denied it, stubbornly claiming that their relationship is in the best order and that their partner spends the maximum amount of time here in the Czech Republic. “I think people are looking for negative things unnecessarily where they are not. Honestly, for me, the idea that Henry wouldn’t be here for three weeks and I wouldn’t be able to connect with him was basically insane. This is not the first time such an offer has come, I was not really surprised, but it is the first time that we have thought about it due to the difficult financial situation associated with today, “she explained.

Singer Michaela Nosková with her lover and the future! Will there be another child?


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