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Did they separate or not? Martín Baclini and Agustina Agazzani gave details of the love situation of both

Martín Baclini and Agustina Agazzani were going to participate together in the “Bailando 2020″, although the model’s surprise resignation left both the businessman and his former Cinthia Fernández out of the contest. And as if that were not enough, in the last hours the bomb of an alleged rupture between them exploded. And in that sense, the businessman commented: “I am in Rosario, full-blown, and Agustina is in Buenos Aires, when the quarantine ends I will travel. I’m on other personal issues and I want to focus on the family. That is all”.

I don’t want to say yes or no. Sorry, but I’m on my head on other issues. I don’t have much to say at the moment. I prefer not to speak and be honest, as always, ”Baclini remarked when speaking with Juan Etchegoyen on Radio Miter. While Agustina admitted, as soon as the alleged separation came to light, the following: “With Martín we were getting to know each other before the quarantine… Now, every so often we talk” Therefore, neither of them confirmed the breakup, a fact that just seems like a formality.

The striking thing is that Baclini had declared his deep love for the brunette just a few days ago: “The other time the buccaneers appeared with those boots and to see her, that beast, was crazy. I looked like a cake doll. Television greatly advances the stages. We are getting to know each other, we did very well, but the quarantine killed us. We are talking every day. When the quarantine is over we will make up for lost time: hold on, eh! I loved its energy as soon as I saw it. The topics we were talking about ”.

“From the beginning there was a lot of confidence in the dialogue. And then it was growing and growing. She is a person I dated 6-8 times. When I see her in photos I say: é I got in touch, how did I do it? It was all very little. Quiet. She is like that, calm down. Talk a little. She is a vegetarian and it is very crazy to eat with her. I learned how to make a vegetable cake that my old woman taught me, so at any moment I invite her to eat at home, ”she continued, speaking to El Trece.

On the other hand, Baclini revealed that he was not angry with the production for downloading it from the show. “If I’m in ‘Dancing’, super happy. And if I am not, I will always be super grateful to all Laflia. The production was always very sincere and when they called me the first time they explained that the condition was that I dance with Agustina. And that just with the confirmation of our acceptance they were going to summon Cinthia ”, he assured.


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