Did you allow yourself to endanger the filming of the series? Eva Burešová scares the fans of Slunečná!

Eva Burešová looks like a gentle, defenseless girl, but the opposite is true. The representative of Týn in the series Sunny is a nice rebel and is not afraid to provoke her fans. For the last time, everyone thought that the shooting was again threatened by a radical change in appearance.

Actress Eva Burešová is the main star of the series Sunny. It’s no secret that the actors are strictly forbidden to change their appearance in the contract. It would look silly on camera, to say the least. But Eva is not afraid of that. She has shown herself in red hair in the past.

She literally scared the fans. “Is that what Týna will look like now? An ordinary girl from the village, “they asked. However, Burešová managed to reassure them in time that it was only a wig and no change in color and cut really took place.

She confused them with the sentence I fulfilled the dream she wrote for the picture. “How are you going to shoot Sunny now? I’m already imagining the scenario: Týna dyed her hair red because she wanted to fulfill a dream that her father forbade her to do, “the angry spectator wrote under the photo.

Eva provokes again!

However, there are those who immediately came to the provocation and did not let themselves be fooled. “I do not believe. And it doesn’t even look like freshly painted, but who knows. Evička, it’s a top color and it will cut you, “another of the discussants tells her. Some simply think with common sense.

“Please calm down with the shooting, because you have a marked page of wigs there. Read the labels, “the actress assured them that it is really just a wig and will leave the red head for later. At present, however, she prepared another shock for them and showed up with a bang.

Although this is not such a drastic change, Týna should not change her appearance anyway. “That bangs are good, isn’t it?” I know! But it’s not mine! ”The actress laughed as she tricked everyone again. Even for that, some criticized her. She has been the target of criticism several times in the past, not only because of her hair, but also because of her smile.

She is used to criticism

“Every time I opened a discussion below an article with me, there were at least five comments about how disgusting my smile is and how I should never smile again,” Eva told the web. super.cz.

“None of those people cared who I was or what I was doing, but they all knew with absolute certainty what I should and shouldn’t look like. I don’t read the discussion anymore, “the actress added. He coughs up similar views, as she really has to stop coming out of the house.


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