“”Did you have fun with 4 or 5 other women?”… Jamie, lover Min-cheol Ku’s cheating hint” – The Herald Economy

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[헤럴드경제=민성기 기자] Singer Jamie (Park Ji-min) posted an article that seemed to imply the affair of her openly dating boyfriend Min-cheol Koo.

On the 23rd, Jamie posted on his Instagram story, “When you found out your boyfriend was a cheater,” and “I think we could make a very good song about it.”

“He doesn’t know about this yet. But he is obviously out of my life. Did he have fun with four or five other women?” “Please don’t blame him. It’s just him,” he added.

Although the target was not specified, some speculate that Min-cheol Gu had an affair. Jamie also deleted all the photos taken with Min-cheol Koo on social media.

Ku Min-cheol has not yet made any statement.

Goo Min-cheol’s SNS still hasn’t deleted the photo of his ski date with Park Ji-min on the afternoon of the 22nd, before Jamie posted the post. Jamie also deleted her post, which seemed to suggest cheating on her.

On November 20 last year, Jamie and Mincheol Koo posted a couple photo on social media and started dating publicly.

Jamie participated in SBS ‘K-Pop Star’ season 1 in 2012 and won the championship. She later signed an exclusive contract with JYP Entertainment and debuted in her group Fifteen & (15 &) with Yerin Baek.

Min-cheol Koo was a member of the Naval Special Warfare Team (UDT) and made his face public by appearing in Channel A’s entertainment program ‘Steel Troops 2’.

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