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Did you know ? You can enjoy Freebox TV everywhere at home on all media

For people with too many devices to consider mutli-TV, or while waiting for the option to be possible for their Freebox Delta, Univers Freebox gives you the solution: UPnP (Universal Plug’n’Play). It makes it possible to have Freebox TV channels on different supports, a very practical solution when there are many who are confined to the home.

At the end of this tutorial, you will be able to read your favorite channels on many media. Especially: Windows, Android, your television, your Android TV or even a Raspberry Pi and this without Player.

What is UPnP?

This protocol makes it very easy to communicate with all compatible devices in order to share, in addition, videos or sound.

Activate this protocol from Freebox OS

This protocol is not necessarily enabled by default. You must go to your Freebox OS area.

Then go to “My Freebox Settings” then “UPnP AV”.

A window opens then, you just have to check “Activate UPnP AV” and validate by clicking on “OK”.

Activate this protocol from your Freebox Delta

For those already equipped with a Delta Freebox, the interface allows quick access. To do this, simply go to the “Settings” universe, then click on the “Application” tab and there you will find an option to activate this feature.

Check “Yes” and voila!

Access the server and channels from my devices

As explained in the introduction, many devices support this protocol. This is the case for UPnP / DLNA compatible “smart TVs” and peripherals where it is possible to install a complete multimedia player. You can access Freebox TV or TV packages created by you. If you want to create TV packages, you can follow the process for the Freebox mini 4k and the Freebox Revolution or for the Freebox Delta.

Please note, not all channels are available with UPnP, in particular the channels of the TF1 group and the one available via TV by Canal.






IOS and Apple TV

Raspberry Pi


From software or application

To do this, you have many possibilities, however keep in mind that only compatibility with UPnP and access to the network of your Freebox is necessary.

We have chosen to show you two different players available on many devices: VLC and Kodi. These two media players are references in the field of media players and more are open source and therefore free.


If you have not already installed VLC, go to the VideoLAN site, the App Store or Google Play, download and install it.


Once the software is downloaded, launch VLC and go to “Universal Plug’n’Play” under the “Local network” heading.

If the main page does not appear as below, click on the “switch playlist” button at the bottom left of the window, the third from the end: .

If VLC does not yet have Windows Firewall permissions, a window opens to allow the application to access the network. Once done, you can continue.

You will find on the software “Freebox Server” in the form of a folder. By double clicking on it, you will then have the choice between “Files”, “TV” and “RSS feed”. Here, we focus on the “TV” directory, but be aware that it is possible to play your videos and music stored on the server’s hard drive.

You then have access to all your personalized TV packages as well as to Freebox TV. However, some channels like TF1 are not available there for broadcast rights issues. In addition, TV By Canal bouquets are not available via this protocol.

For each channel, you have the choice between different broadcast quality, low speed, HD, Auto, etc. If only one quality is available, then the channel will launch directly with this quality of stream.

You can return to the channel list by cutting the video stream by clicking on the dedicated stop buttons: .

Go further

You can change the display of the list of available channels by pressing the icon: . You then have access to three different views.

A display with the entire server tree. It allows you to have a compact view and to easily navigate between the different available directories.

A display allowing you to view only the selected folder in the form of a list. You can navigate using the breadcrumb (red box below). This view allows better use of the search function.

And the last type of display allows you to view only a selected folder with several channels per line. You can also navigate in the tree structure via the breadcrumb.

Other media

VLC is also available under linux either via the application store of the various distributions, or via the package manager via the terminal. Once installed, the procedure to access the server is the same as with Windows.

If you have a mac, you can download the dmg file directly on the dedicated page.

On Android and Android TV

As a reminder, it is possible to download VLC directly from Google Play. Once it is downloaded and installed, you must go to the side menu by clicking on the menu button at the top left, then go to the “Local network” section.

For Android TV, the menus are slightly different for accessing the local network. To find your Freebox, go to “Navigation” then “Local network”.

It is possible that many devices are displayed, if “Freebox Server” with an icon of your server (for the Freebox Delta, it seems that the revolution server is still displayed) does not appear, wait a few seconds. If your server still does not appear, check that you are on the correct Wifi network and that the UPnP AV option is activated from your mafreebox configuration area or your Freebox directly.

Select “Freebox Server” then “Freebox TV”. Once in this folder, you have access to Freebox TV (still limited however by broadcasting rights) as well as to your various personalized TV packages. The files are similar on Android TV and Android mobile, from here only the screenshots of VLC for Android mobile are shown because the actions are the same on both media.

For each channel, it is possible to choose a different display quality. The video stream is then played by VLC.

You can also search for a channel (not available on our Android TV) in order to more easily navigate among the hundreds of programs available.

On your Iphone or Apple TV

You can download VLC directly from the App Store. We couldn’t test on an Apple TV, but since VLC is available, this functionality should be too. You will have to find the “Local network” menu and follow the same instructions as for an Iphone.

Once it is downloaded and installed, you must go to the side menu by tapping the VLC icon in the form of a pad in the top left, then go to the “Local network” section.

It is possible that many devices are displayed, in order to access your Freebox, select “Freebox Server” under the category “Universal Plug’n’Play (UPnP)”. If your server still does not appear, check that you are on the correct Wi-Fi network and that the UPnP AV option is activated from your mafreebox configuration area or directly on your Freebox Delta.

You can then choose your TV package or all the channels via “Freebox TV”.

You can finally enjoy your video streams with VLC. It is also possible to search among all available programs. To do this, you need to go to the top of the list to bring up the search option.


Formerly xbmc, inherited from the first Xbox, is a mediacenter with an interface designed to be on a living room television. It is therefore more suitable for conventional video playback use, and prettier than the VLC interface. In addition, its interface does not change, regardless of the operating system on which Kodi is installed.

So there will be only the installation phase which differs depending on the medium on which you install this software. For the versions dedicated to conventional computers, go to the download page, go to the bottom of the page and find your system.


You can install the Windows Store version or the “Installer” version, we chose the second option for this test.

When you’re not using the Microsoft’s application store, you’ll need to authorize the application to make changes to your computer.

This software being open source, no spyware or additional software is installed with Kodi. You can therefore validate the installation by leaving the values ​​checked by default. Check “run” at the end and click on “Finish” to launch the mediacenter.

You must also authorize network access from Windows Firewall like VLC.


You can download the installation file in .dmg directly from the dedicated page.


Kodi is available directly from Google Play, or via apk files if your device can’t download it from the giant’s application store. You will need Android 5 or higher to get the latest version of Kodi.


Unfortunately, Kodi is not available for Apple brand smartphones, except in the event of a jailbreak. So we will not go into the installation of Kodi on this support, we invite you to use VLC if you have an Iphone.


You can install Kodi using official repositories, here is a link to the full procedure.


If you have a microcomputer, you can also transform it into a mediacenter, to do this, we invite you to follow this detailed guide.

Using Kodi

If you want to use this software in the language of Molière, you can go to the parameter menu via the gear under the Kodi logo.

Then go to “Settings / Interface” then “Regional” and finally “Languages”.

Select “French” from the drop-down list, French will be installed in a few seconds and your interface will be updated.

Access your server

Select “Section” Files “” in the section “Movies”.

Then add a new video source. This new source can be named as you see fit and will be accessible from Kodi directly.

Then enter “Browse”.

The Freebox server is then in “UPnP Devices”.

At this time, you can finish by pressing “OK”, or go further in the tree to find Freebox TV by browsing “TV” then “Freebox TV”. Note that it is possible to add several sources if you want, for example, to take advantage of a source providing all the channels and another providing only a personalized TV package.

The last step in adding a source is to name the source. Here we left “Freebox Server”. Finally, confirm with “OK”.

Congratulations, you have successfully added your server. You can now find it as “File” under the different headings that Kodi offers via ““ Files ”section” or by directly selecting the heading.

If you have USB devices connected, then they will be displayed next to your new source. To browse your channels, go to “Freebox Server” (or another name if you have decided to customize it).

You then have access to all your channels (except those blocked by broadcasting rights).

After choosing your channel and quality, the video stream is loaded after a few seconds.

If you want to quit playback, you have to cut the video with the square stop button .

From a Smart TV

First you need to know if your TV is compatible with UPnP technology. For that, you will have to go to the official page of your product and check that the mention “UPnP” or “DLNA” is there.

We were able to test this functionality with a Smart TV equipped with Web OS (3.5). We had to search the video sources via the dedicated button on the remote control, then find “Freebox Server”.

You then have the choice between opening “Photo & Video” or “Muisque”. Choose “Photo & Video” to continue.

It is possible to browse your server to find your channels and bouquets. To do this, go to “TV”.

All your TV packages accompanied by Freebox TV are accessible. Continue with Freebox TV to have all the channels available.

You got there, you can now enjoy your TV even without a multi-tv option.


If you are looking for a simple and universal way to watch Internet TV at home, you have many relatively simple solutions to implement. This system allows not to use the Multi-TV offered by Free, but also not to be limited in the number of devices connected simultaneously. If your speed is sufficient, count 7 Mb / s for an HD channel and 3 Mb / s for a low definition channel, you may very well have one media player per room / device in your home.


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