“Did you moan or not?”… Jang Ga-hyun reveals the real reason for divorce

(Export News Correspondent Jo Hye-jin) ‘Right Divorced 2’ The three divorced couples revealed their daily life.

The 6th episode of TV Chosun’s ‘We Got Divorced’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘We Got Married 2’), aired on the 13th, recorded 6.7% nationwide ratings based on Nielsen Korea, and the highest rating per minute was 7.6%. took the top

On this day’s broadcast, Eli Ji-Soo, Na Han-Il Yoo Hye-Young, and Jo Seong-Min Jang Ga-Hyeon each released behind-the-scenes stories of the start of living together, the third marriage, and the shocking divorce, leading to a storm of response from viewers.

First, the next morning in Chuncheon, Jiyeon-soo showed off her former model swimsuit in front of her ex-husband Eli, and Eli gave a compliment and played with him in the water, giving him sweet energy. Next, the two visited the arboretum, where the drama ‘Gentleman and Lady’ was filmed, and Jiyeon-soo, a passionate fan of the drama ‘Gentleman and Lady’, was excited. Eli, who looked at Jiyeonsoo who was excited like a girl as if she was cute, grabbed Jiyeonsoo’s hand and hurriedly threw the ball at Jiyeonsoo, “Why do you keep trying to touch me?” Then Ji Ji-soo made a meaningful statement, “(usually) I didn’t say I was pretty, but suddenly (to me) said I was pretty”, and Eli answered, “Because you always said I was pretty?”

Afterward, Eli, who was still sweet at the brunch cafe, revealed that it was not a camera-conscious act, and after hearing this, Jiyeon-soo was surprised by suggesting, “If I move in, I will give you a room, so will you pay the rent?” Before deciding to reunite, Eli agreed with Jiyeonsoo’s opinion that he wanted to see Eli’s life pattern, and Minsu was happy to say, “I wish I could live in my house for the rest of my life” when he said that he and Eli were living in the same house.

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Finally, on the day of the move, Eli showed off his strong side by moving his belongings. However, the two people, who promised not to fight in front of Min-su, showed differences in the way they talk and express their emotions, forming an angle of confrontation. Soon, Eli’s pranks softened the mood, and Eli gave a green light for living in a house, saying, “We will live happily ever after while fighting.” In addition, when Jiyeonsoo with a smile said, “What did I do for my husband? It’s only as a father,” Eli said, “So aren’t you wearing these pants? raised the

Na Han-il and Yoo Hye-young, who had been fed up with the last ‘Battle of Namsan’, reunited at the shop where Hye-young Yoo received hair and makeup. After that, the two moved to Children’s Grand Park and had a good time playing shooting games with natural skinship as well as commemorative photos. Na Han-il even prepared sandwiches and fruits, but kept putting fruit into Yoo Hye-young’s mouth, raising a pint glass and causing laughter. Afterwards, Na Han-il, who was eating duck white rice together, won the sympathy of Yoo Hye-young by confessing that she wrote ‘the most unsuccessful day’ and ‘the worst day’ on her calendar on February 15, 2015, the second day of her divorce.

In particular, Na Han-il, who told the production team that he was waiting only for filming with Yoo Hye-young, expressed his will to Yoo Hye-young to break down the wall between the two that had arisen from two divorces. With that idea, Na Han-il, who proposed a marriage in Gangwon-do, where Yoo Hye-young wanted to live, shook Yoo Hye-young’s heart by expressing her sincerity, saying, “As we live together, you observe me. How that person has changed and how he has changed.” In the end, while the two started their third dance in Gangwon-do, Yoo Hye-young coordinated Na Han-il’s costume, and Na Han-il gave Yoo Hye-young her bike and gave off a friendly energy. And the two recalled the past of unconditional love, saying that Na Han-il’s total fortune was 8 million won at the time of their marriage in the valley, and Na Han-il fell into the water while fishing for killifish and burst into laughter.

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Finally, Jo Sung-min and Jang Ga-hyeon reunited after two years of divorce in Yangpyeong, where Jang Ga-hyeon spent her school days, and expressed a special feeling. The two, who were traveling alone to the supermarket to prepare dinner, talked about their current situation after divorce, and unlike Jang Ga-hyun, who said they had been dating once, Jo Seong-min said, “Instincts such as appetite, sex, and sleep are gone.” did. In addition, the two began to confide in their true feelings, which they could not do at the time of their divorce. Jang Ga-hyeon, who said that the divorce was an old decision, said, “I think the decisive thing is the movie. I feel like I’m being played around with because I’m working.”

In the 20th year of marriage, there were quite a few exposure scenes in the movie that was filmed after Jo Sung-min’s permission, and during the two years of making the film, Jo Sung-min asked, “What scene did you shoot today?” and “Did you moan while reading? Did you not?” What shocked me. Ga-hyeon Jang recalled the day when Jo Sung-min came to see a movie she shot alone, and said, “It feels so bad as if a man who came to see porn is touching me.” Jo Seong-min, who was confused, said, “You know you’re a little sloppy? And if there’s a part that I stick to, there’s a part that I’m obsessed with.” “Did you think it was because you were dating a man?” he asked, drawing attention to the next move of the two.

On the other hand, ‘We Got Married 2’ airs every Friday at 10 PM.

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