Did you notice Weird Al in "Stranger Things?"


Stranger things He is known for his commitment to incorporate the pop culture of the 80s into the show and the last season brings in a beloved musical icon.

The series gave Weird Al Yankovic a score in two thin shootout of the third season. In the second episode of the season, science teacher and A.V. The club supervisor, Mr. Clarke, performs in "My Balogna" from the king's parody, a brazen blow to "The My Sharona" by The Knack.

In the next episode, Dustin wears a vintage Weird Al shirt – he is clearly a fan.

The announcement raised some jokes about naming the show Strange things.

Some were happy that Weird Al was back in the spotlight.

Mr. Clarke's nerdiness really shone in this episode.

The BTS army may be strong, but Weird Al has a legion of strange nerds rooting for him.

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