Did you run away from under your nose? Gagarina's husband could be the former Daineko lover


Victoria probably could not forgive Polina for such rudeness, and the longstanding conflict confirms it.

Polina Gagarina is considered by many to be the ideal of beauty and an exponential wife and mother, but recently there was information on the net that Polina could act as an insidious lover, and Victoria Daineko was chosen as the "victim" of the talented performer.

Everyone knows that Gagarina is now in a happy marriage with photographer Dmitry Iskhakov. The couple has two daughters and, as it seems from the outside, one can only dream of such a family, but few people know the rumors about the love story of Dmitry and Victoria before their marriage with Polina.

Of course, the young people did not officially confirm their relationship and, after some time, Polina spoke of the impending marriage, which was a real shock to the public.

As for the relationship between Gagarina and Daineko, almost immediately after the celebration, Polina and Victoria showed themselves "in all their glory", were not at all embarrassed in expressions and tried to "sting" in front of the audience the most painfully possible.

Then, in an interview, Polina gave herself an unflattering expression to her colleague on stage: "When they say: Polina Gagarina, who sings" Lullaby "and" Ask the Clouds ", you understand everything. Not Polina Gagarina , which is at the "Factory" the fifth mushroom on the side, or even the winner of the "Star Factory-2". Well, tell me, who won the number five of "Factory of Stars"? It's ridiculous. remember. "

It is worth noting that Dmitry and Victoria met during the next photo shoot and have been close friends ever since. So much so that the public was confident that it would be Victoria becoming Dmitry's wife, because the couple was often seen in a relaxed atmosphere, they talked well, held hands and generally created the appearance of a relationship happy. And in many private events, which Daineko established only for those closest to him, Iskhakov became a frequent guest.

And the fifth winner of the "Factory" was Victoria Daineko, who, in response to the singer, made a noisy skirmish, but never received an apology.

Did it turn out that Pauline stole her future husband almost from under Victoria's nose? If this is true, and Gagarina's husband is a former lover of Daineko, it becomes clear why Victoria and Polina hate each other so much. After all, hate cannot come from scratch, especially when the facts speak for themselves.



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