Died while chasing a thief: “He was a good person”, mother Carla destroyed by grief

Claudio Vita

Montignoso (Massa Carrara), 22 April 2021 – A long banner to remember Claudio Vita, his vitality and sunshine, 32 years old next September, and to embrace the family members of the young entrepreneur who since Monday, since his projects, dreams, and the futurehave been broken on the railway tracks at the town roundabout, near the Cava Fornace landfill, they lost their smiles. An immense and profound pain struck the great family of Claudio Vita. A pain lived with composure and reserve as is in the style of the known and appreciated family. The banner in black and white, about ten meters long, Fabrizio De Andrè al Cinquale of Montignoso in front of the “Vintage Cafè” and the “Tanka” restaurant, the premises of Claudio Vita which are closed. No writing in mourning on the windows of the premises, as if Claudio would return to open them at any moment. The content of the message is explicit: “The jackals can also feast on the corpse of a lion. But he remains a lion and they remain jackals. Hello Clà”. A direct message to those who wanted to harm him. Piazza De Andrè was deserted yesterday morning: the cameras positioned on the premises of the entrepreneur and on the square are clearly visible. The images could be useful for investigators to reconstruct some aspects of a story that ended in the most tragic of ways.

“He was a sunny boy with a smile that you never forget”, comments the owner of the tobacconist’s shop. remember Claudio’s friends who arrived when the news of the misfortune circulated with a dramatic word of mouth. Not only a long banner to remember Vita, but also many messages on social networks. And many certificates of affection for the parents Carla e Lamberto, owners of the food business in Piazza De Gaspari for forty years. “My son was a sunny and good boy. When he came to the shop he greeted everyone and if he saw a person in difficulty he helped them”, to remember Claudio is the language of his mother’s heart. Mamma Carla whose emotion on the phone transmits her great love for her son and the immensity of his pain.

Meanwhile, the investigations of the provincial command continue carabinieri of Pulp and the military of Meadow who in a few hours have reconstructed the scenario in which the tragedy matured without neglecting any detail, including any administrative sanctions for those who were in the victim’s room, a secondary aspect compared to the primary need to reconstruct the episode, the theft of the wallet , which sparked the rush reaction of Vita, a reaction that ended in a tragic way. The most plausible hypothesis is that it was an accident, a tragic misfortune. It would seem that the distance between the wagon of the freight train to which the entrepreneur had attached himself and the wagon on which the young man from Prato had jumped is not compatible with the hypothesis of a possible push that caused Claudio Vita to fall. But the conditional remains mandatory.

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