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The Guatemalan director was in charge of the launch video of the iPhone 12 Pro.

The sunsets, painted with their characteristic golden and orange tones, take anyone’s breath away, and that’s what Diego Contreras wanted to capture in the launch video of the iPhone 12 Pro. For the second year in a row, the Guatemalan filmmaker based in Los Angeles , California, USA, put his creativity at the command of Apple, but this time as the manager of the film that presented the new product of the technology giant.


In 2019, the Guatemalan Diego Contreras embarked on the adventure of directing the promotional video for the iPhone 11 Pro camera, which was presented during Apple’s long-awaited annual conference. This year, the brand once again relied on his creative talents and gave him an even greater responsibility: directing the iPhone 12 Pro launch video.

To create his proposal, Contreras took inspiration from that moment when each human being stops to contemplate a beautiful sunset. “As filmmakers, that’s the perfect light. To capture an eternal sunset in each part of this reflective phone was to know that anyone who saw the film would travel to that moment ”, says the director.

To create the video, the director and his team chased the sunsets across the California deserts. Photo: courtesy Diego Contreras.

In order to make that dream come true and achieve that bath of color and luminosity that permeates each frame of the video, Contreras and his team dedicated themselves to chasing the sunsets in the deserts of California, as well as in other places in downtown Los Angels After the pre-production work was done, the filming process began, he says.

Diego Contreras wanted to connect the public with that moment when they stop to contemplate the sunset. Photo: courtesy Diego Contreras.

Cultural diversity

Although the filmmaker considered it important to capture an eternal sunset, he also tried to make the video expose cultural diversity: “I think that as a Guatemalan director, with a different context than the one they are used to in the US, I was able to show a reflection of different cultures by including to people from India and China, among other countries ”.

In this project, Contreras involved what he calls “the future generation” of filmmakers and photographers around the world. These include Aaron and Winston Tao, Anumeha Sinha, Monroe Álvarez and Jowaan Sullivan, who appear in the video using the device. The finishing touch was put by the popular actor Pedro Pascal, whose voice narrates the clip.

New experience

For the Guatemalan, collaborating with Apple again is a dream come true. He even assures that this is the largest project he has worked on, since the responsibility that fell on him and his team was greater. “We had in our hands the video that would present to everyone, for the first time, the iPhone 12 Pro. It was enormous pressure that led us to seek excellence and precision,” he concludes.

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