Diesel engines may stop in Europe. There is a lack of AdBlue

Problems are not only in the production of new cars, but may soon affect the operation of existing ones. AdBlue, which is used by the vast majority of modern diesel engines, may soon be missing from the market.

Prices of virtually all commodities are on the rise, with some very sharp. This also applies to the natural gas needed to produce AdBlue.

The situation is already so serious that the largest AdBlue producer in Europe, Duslo Šaľa, is not accepting new orders in Slovakia, the second largest producer in Germany has already reduced production and the third in Poland has even stopped. Recently, even the Slovak Minister of Economy Richard Sulík outlined that the export of AdBlue from Slovakia can be banned.

And where did the problem with AdBlue lack arise? These are high gas prices. The production of AdBlue is very expensive, so it is produced together with other products, usually fertilizers, which is also the case with a manufacturer from Slovakia. But it is also subdued due to high gas prices. Although Duslo Šaľa is still fulfilling its contractual obligations, the company is not currently accepting new clients and higher orders. Even so, there is talk that production could eventually be stopped altogether, at least until gas prices fall again.

The Euro 6 emission standard now applies, but what will we do when Euro 7 comes?

However, this would not only lead to a reduction in the transport of diesel cars and also, in particular, buses and lorries, which could again increase product prices. At the same time, however, there may be a shortage of fertilizers, due to which there may not be enough crops in agriculture next year, which will increase their price again. And due to the cessation of production, other products used in healthcare may also be missing. The inflation rate will certainly not decrease significantly in the foreseeable future.

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What is AdBlue for?

AdBlue is essential for modern diesel engines, with its lack of engines not even starting. They are used not only by cars, but also by trucks and buses.

AdBlue is used to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions to meet at least the Euro 5 standard. Harmful emissions in the exhaust pipe are neutralized with a solution of synthetic urea, which is AdBlue. It is a method of selective catalytic reduction. Thanks to this system, it is possible to reduce the amount of nitrogen oxides by up to 95%.

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