Diesel fuel additives: What they are and what benefits their use brings

Generally about diesel additives

An additive is a specific liquid that is adds to fuelsto improve their properties. Due to the way current cars work and the increasing share of bio-components in fuels, high demands are placed on them, which is why some companies already mix these improving additives into the fuel during production. At a petrol station, you will find such fuel, for example, under the designation Verva, V-Power or maybe Evo. And you will also recognize it by the price tag. Such fuel is more expensive than, for example, conventional diesel.

The second option to get the additive into the tank is to buy it directly designated product. There are countless on the market and everyone needs to try what suits them. Each manufacturer offers different benefits and, of course, different prices

Advantages of diesel additives

If you decide to use additives, it is necessary to pay attention to regular use and also follow the correct dosage fuel additives – you will always find this in the instructions for use. For diesel additives, we also distinguish whether they are summer or winter. You should also observe this parameter and, especially in winter, do not pour summer ingredients into the tank.

Among the largest benefits of diesel additives These include improved fuel combustion and increased performance that can be observed after several cycles of use. In many cases, there is also a reduction in consumption and, of course, treatment of components and thus prolonging the life of, for example, parts of the fuel system or the engine itself. However, it is always necessary to take into account that the result of adding the additive does not appear immediately after pouring, but only after a longer period of use of the product.

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Suitable products

There are several companies on the Czech market that produce oil additives. It’s up to you which brand you prefer, if you prefer recommendation of friends or you better choose yourself according to reviews from other users. You can also read our article on the test of diesel additives. The price will also decide, because some products are more expensive and for some motorists it simply does not pay off. On the other hand, when buying a larger package, you can sometimes save significantly.

The brands producing diesel additives are as follows: VIF, Metabond, BG, Lique Moly, Metaltec, STP and others.

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