Differences between coronavirus and SARS

Specialist Tatyana Romanenko spoke about the signs by which you can distinguish coronavirus from SARS or flu.

According to ToDay News Ufa, citing Reedus, the specialist emphasized that at the initial stages of the disease, coronavirus and SARS are very similar to each other. The very first distinctive symptoms appear much later.

With a common cold, catarrhal symptoms are most observed, which means a slight increase in temperature, aching muscles and joints, as well as a sore throat and a runny nose. Sometimes even a simple ARVI disease can be accompanied by any problems with the digestive system. However, the mild form of the coronavirus disease manifests itself in a completely different way.

If you suspect the presence of a coronavirus, you should pay attention to the loss of smell and taste. Most patients who are infected with this virus also report that, with normal sensations, they still have no desire or motivation to do ordinary household things.

Romanenko stressed: “And in terms of time. Uncomplicated viral ARVI lasts from three to seven days, and then if it continues, then some complications are already added. And with a coronavirus infection, the disease lasts up to fourteen days. Often, as my patients say, this malaise lasts up to three weeks. “

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