Differences Meteor and Meteorite According to Various Facets

The difference between meteors and meteorites can be seen from various sides. Indeed, the terms are very similar in terms of language. But the two have very clear differences, especially from their characteristics.

Most people call shooting stars for the phenomenon of meteors floating in space. Though the object is a stone that has various characteristics of its own. Not all stones have the same type and characteristics.

Understand the Difference between Meteor and Meteorite

Maybe there are still many people who do not understand the meaning of meteors. Basically a meteor is a particle capable of destroying asteroids. These celestial bodies orbit the sun.

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In this case, it always burns when it enters the Earth’s atmosphere. This creates the effect of a shooting star. So people see falling meteors, not stars.

People are not looking at a star that moves as if it has shifted from its place. Well, meteors that do not reach the earth without going through disintegration are called meteorites.

Most meteors are pieces of cometary dust and ice. Its size is very small, not even bigger than a grain of rice. Even so, it is still visible from the earth’s surface even though it is only a point.

Meteorite is a form of meteor that does not burn out and reaches the earth’s surface. The existence of a great impact from the meteorite to the earth can cause a large hole. So it is dangerous if it falls anywhere.

To know in more detail what the differences are, see the full review below.

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Different Size

The difference between meteors and subsequent meteorites lies in their size. In this case, knowledge of the size of meteors and meteorites is needed.

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Of course the size of the meteor is much larger than the meteorite. The meteoroid has a size of 1,265 meters.

The first large enough crater due to a meteorite fall was Arizona about 49,000 years ago. At that time the falling meteor had a size of about 45.72 meters. Although small, but capable of forming a crater up to 2 km.

In this case, the crater is capable of reaching a depth of 175 meters. Even the impact also caused the edge of the crater to be lifted by 45 cm.

Position or Location

Then there is the difference between meteors and meteorites based on their location. Meteors are in a layer of the atmosphere that has not yet fallen to the earth’s surface.

Unlike the meteorites that are located on the surface of the earth. Meteorites are the result of falling meteors that do not burn by forming rock. Well, the content in the stone is in the form of nickel and iron.

The Nature of Each Object

Meteors are celestial bodies that are expected to appear. Many offered prayers and hopes when they saw the ball. Meteors are formed by falling meteoroids.

The difference between a meteor and a meteorite is very clear. Meteoroids are not far from Earth and are often attracted by the force of gravity. When a meteoroid falls, there will be friction with the atmosphere.

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Shortly after, this celestial body will burn up before finally reaching the earth. The process of the occurrence of falling meteors is often seen from the earth which is very interesting.

While meteorites are particles that are not consumed by the atmosphere. The fall of this object carries considerable energy. Definitely also causes a bang when touching the surface of the earth for the first time.

The difference between meteors and meteorites is also seen in terms of their creation. A meteor is a meteoroid or particle that destroys asteroids and comets. Both always orbit the sun.

Of course most of it is very interesting bits of dust and ice. Meteorites are rocks that break up asteroids in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

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Meteor formation time is only 3 to 6 years. This also applies to the formation of meteorites that are dependent on meteors. From here you already understand, not in terms of creation?

There really isn’t much difference between the two. However, in fact the two objects are still related to each other. Make sure you understand it well and carefully.

Now you know the difference between a meteor and a meteorite. Thus, you no longer need to be confused when you have to mention the difference. Hopefully this discussion can add to your insight into astronomy. (R10 / HR-Online / Editor-Ndu)

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