Difficult to complete customs clearance before the Winter Olympics in February next year | Blog post

The torch of the Winter Olympics in the coming year will begin to pass from Athens, Greece, and the Winter Olympics will enter a countdown of more than three months. The Winter Olympics are scheduled to be held in Beijing and Zhangjiakou from February 4 to February 20 next year. The Mainland began to enter a state of intense sprint in preparation for the Winter Olympics.

When the mainland encounters these international events, all risks must be eliminated. There are mainly two foreseeable risks for the Winter Olympics next year: 1. Politics; 2. Epidemics.

1. Political challenges are limited. At the Acropolis of Athens, Greece, on October 17, the final rehearsal for the transmission of the Olympic flame is taking place there. Shao Lan, vice president of foreign affairs of the former City University Student Union, together with another Tibetan independence activist, tried to hang the “Light Time” and Tibetan independence flags on a scaffold at the scene, and was arrested by the Greek police. Shao Lan is launching a “No Beijing 2022” campaign to boycott the Winter Olympics. The participants in the campaign are really full of five poisons, including Xinjiang independence, Tibetan independence, Mongolian independence, and Taiwan independence. Looking back now, in 2019, the government accused the “light time” elements of advocating Hong Kong independence for a reason.

The boycott of the Winter Olympics is not a climate, and there are no major national teams who boycott the Beijing Winter Olympics for political reasons.

2. The epidemic situation is afraid of variables. The mainland aims to be cleared, and in reality it can be cleared most of the time, and occasionally scattered outbreaks will be quickly controlled. As the Winter Olympics approach, the mainland’s epidemic prevention efforts will be further strengthened to avoid an outbreak when the Winter Olympics comes.

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After the National Day holiday, another Shanghai tourist couple became a confirmed local case in the mainland. Since they traveled to many places during the National Day holiday, they are now fully screening their close contacts. The couple’s infection chain spread throughout Ningxia, Shaanxi, and Gansu. Wait a lot. The reappearance of indigenous infections in the mainland has naturally become more tense.

A friend often has to go back to the mainland for business. He saw that the SAR government started discussing with the mainland about exemption from isolation and customs clearance, and asked if it could happen soon. But I asked the experts in the mainland for advice, and he asked me to pay attention to some things:

1. Tan Yaozong, a member of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, cannot go to the mainland for meetings.

Tan Yaozong was recently notified by the national epidemic prevention department that he was not allowed to attend the meeting of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress to be held in Beijing later because of the local epidemic, including a recent case of unknown origin, which he considered to be risky.

In the October 8 case in Japan, the patient was a 48-year-old male airport cargo terminal employee. Although the SAR government believes that he may be infected by a foreign aircrew who traveled and did not enter Hong Kong for testing on the same day. However, the mainland will think that the source of “uncertainty” and the possibility of cross-infection are all loopholes in the prevention of the epidemic. If Hong Kong wants to recalculate that there is no local case on the 28th, it will have to wait until early November.

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In addition to showing that the mainland is very nervous about handling the epidemic, the high-profile publicity of Tan Yaozong’s inability to go to the mainland for meetings is also a gesture.

2. Tan Yaozong’s criticism of the “health code” without tracking function.

The Secretary for Innovation and Technology, Xue Yongheng, said on Sunday that the study uses “health codes” to allow applicants to automatically declare whether they have been to high-risk locations and whether they are high-risk individuals. His statement confirms that the Hong Kong version of the “Health Code” does not have an automatic location tracking function.

Tan Yaozong sang the opposite, thinking that the tracking function is the key point. I believe the mainland will worry that if someone enters the mainland and causes transmission, and when an epidemic occurs, people who may be affected can be found out.

Although he knows that Tan Yaozong is different from other people’s congresses and the CPPCC, one is that he is a member of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress and he is more cautious. He emphasizes the “tracking function” of the health code, which reflects Grandpa’s concern.

The isolation of customs clearance between the Mainland and Hong Kong is not only an interaction between the two places, but also related to the epidemic situation of the two places. There were local cases in Hong Kong in early October. After the National Day holiday in the Mainland, there will be cross-provincial epidemics. According to the practice of the Mainland, it will definitely cool down and The discussions in Hong Kong will wait until the two places are fully cleared. It is important to know that when an epidemic breaks out in the mainland, officials will fall to their heads, and of course they will tremble. But the longer the time is, the closer the Winter Olympics will be, and the tighter the mainland will be, and the more unfavorable it will be for customs clearance.

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The conclusion is that it is very difficult to complete customs clearance before the Winter Olympics in February next year. Even if the environment is ideal and the two places have had a lot of talks, they can only come up with some pilot schemes. Otherwise, everything will remain the same, so let’s wait until the Winter Olympics are over.


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