Digital marketing trends in 2021

It is often said that even a stopped clock hits twice a day. An irrefutable theory, but in its application to digital marketing in an economic and business context such as the current one, it is far from acceptable for companies, which require effectiveness and efficiency from their campaigns, now more than ever.

And it is that COVID-19 has taken away much of what we knew or intuited. In the specific case of the digital ecosystem, consumption patterns have changed: more time spent on the Internet, increased concern for security and a user who is increasingly empowered and aware of the value of their data and personal information for brands.

For these reasons, among others, 2021 will be the year in which some trends or digital disciplines that were glimpsed in previous years will be consolidated sooner than expected:

Marketing Data Inspired

Grow saving costs, leaving intuition behind to make decisions based on certainty, reducing risk. This is even more relevant in a time of uncertainty such as the one we are living in, where the way of consuming advertising and content has changed. To make it, data is an essential raw material in digital marketing.

Right now, a data-centric strategy is more necessary than ever to establish an emotional and personalized connection with each user, client or potential client.

Turning data into knowledge is the challenge for companies. Help them achieve this and transform the data into actionable marketing campaigns, the role of agencies.

And the figures fully support this claim. According a recent Qlik and IDC study, companies best prepared to analyze their data increase their revenue by 23%, their operational efficiency by an average of 21%, and customer satisfaction and loyalty by 17.3% in EMEA.

Native programmatic advertising

This is the evolution of traditional banner-centric programmatics and, for many, the future of digital advertising. The native programmatic is the purchase and sale of native advertising locations in an automated way, being incorporated into the news feed of the different websites and integrating with the content in a much more natural and user-friendly way.

A whole evolution, since traditional programmatic ensures visibility, but the native programmatic seeks engagement, a true added value for the client to generate long-term relationships with potential users and clients. Native programmatic ultimately improves campaign performance for advertisers.

Marketing Automation

It is estimated that the Marketing Automation industry will have a value of 7.63 billion dollars in 2025. It is an upward trend that allows improving the performance ratios of marketing campaigns in different aspects and stages, according to Salesforce data:

– Savings of 12.2% in marketing costs by automating tasks and campaigns

– Increase of 27% in lead volume

– Increase by more than one 30% of conversions

– He ROI of marketing improvement in a 25%

– Up to 70% increase in CTR for the personalization of the contents

Optimization of the work of the sales team: increases your productivity by 14.5%, since the lead arrives more mature thanks to lead scoring

With these perspectives, Marketing Automation will undoubtedly become one of the stars of 2021.

In summary, trends in digital marketing lead, each one traveling their own path, towards a common place: a destination where transparency, efficiency and optimization of tasks and processes converge to achieve more effective and economical departments and campaigns.

Diego Martinez | Director of the Digital Area


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