Digital motion entertainment, motion capture system, and platform that combines AR and VR

Since its foundation in 2010, Digital Motion Entertainment has been focusing on the development of 3D contents using cutting-edge technologies such as motion capture systems, HMD imaging devices, and gyro tracker systems, and is a 3D total solution company that develops tangible training apps and games.

The representative interactive content ‘Real-Time Live Avatar’ developed by Digital Motion Entertainment combines augmented, virtual reality, and motion capture systems that can control the avatar with only the user’s body. Digital Motion Entertainment is producing a VR game that realistically expresses human movement by introducing a motion analysis system in which the human body becomes a controller beyond the existing joystick or touchpad. In addition, it is developing a wearable pad that can feel the blow with the whole body.

Digital Motion Entertainment plans to release a defensive game ‘Defending Force’ and a hunting game ‘Japan’s Ghosts’ in November this year. In addition to safety education simulations to experience disasters such as earthquakes, fires, and tsunamis, we are also making experiential sports games that allow you to enjoy sports such as snowboarding, taekwondo, yoga, and boxing.

In the future, Digital Motion Entertainment will target domestic and overseas markets by creating a virtual reality experience platform that combines AR and VR with a motion capture system. Digital Motion Entertainment CEO Jin Jong-ho said, “We plan to expand the market with items such as screen sports and virtual reality game rooms in the domestic market. We plan to expand into the European market,” he said.

Reporters Dahyun Kim and Jiyeon Park

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