“Dignity, dignity”, Fiom strike at the Stellantis plant in Pomigliano: “Increased pace without increasing workers”

Strike in the plant Stellar of Pomigliano d’Arco. There Fiom called one protest after which, they denounce, “the company has increased the pace in the chain without foreseeing any increase in the number of workers employed”. “The situation immediately proved to be unsustainable and the RSA Fioms decided to go on strike. A strike that is experiencing very high participation, effectively stopping the production of the Panda and conspicuously slowing down that of the Tonale,” he explained in a note. Samuel Lodi, Fiom-Cgil national secretary. According to Fiom, the strike reportedly met with very high participation, “effectively stopping the production of the Panda” and “slowing down that of the Tonale”.

The communication of new ones triggered the protest shots Of cadenza production on the assembly line, which led to discontent among the blue-collar workers, later supported by the strike called by Fiom. The exponents and members of the Salad Cobas who denounce “an unsustainable increase in the pace of work to the detriment of the safety and health of the workers”.

“On the organization of work, rhythms, saturations and cadences there must be discussion and negotiation and Fiom must be able to play its role”, concludes Lodi in the note.

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