DİHA, not SİHA! These features will be talked about a lot: The date has been announced for Bayraktar DİHA!


Noting that Bayraktar DİHA can also charge its batteries thanks to the alternator on its internal combustion engine, Özbek said:

“The useful payload capacity is 5 kilograms. With the day camera, thermal camera, laser pointer and rangefinder on it, it can coordinate the troops on the ground. It has a take-off weight of 50 kilograms. It can perform vertical take-off and landing from an area of ​​5 meters and 20 by 20 meters. The operational altitude for this aircraft is 9,000 feet, but it can only go up to 15 thousand feet.It can cruise between 45-50 knots.This is an observation UAV, it can stay in the air for a long time and can land and take off on moving platforms.


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