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A historic jumble has been cooking since Thursday night in Colombian soccer. While awaiting the resignation of Jorge Enrique Vélez to the presidency of the Dimayor, 16 teams demanded and designed to make a new tournament, with new conditions and with greater control of the largest teams in the country: a championship that would not take into account the teams that have been opponents of the administration, among them, Independent Santa Fe.

This Thursday was a hot day for professional clubs. In the morning the dialogues began about the future of Vélez in office and the growing refusal of the teams that previously supported him, but, in addition, a proposal was being put on the table that teams such as Millonarios and Nacional de restructure the Colombian soccer model.

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At night, around 9, the roll was in full discussion. What they want to do is create a new league that initially would have 16 teams and they would ask the Colombian Football Federation to authorize them. The teams are:
Once Caldas
Boca Juniors de Cali
Real Santander
Union Magdalena

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These 16 clubs would invite 4 others: Junior, Cali, Bucaramanga and Barranquilla. In this model, the clubs that have opposed the Dimayor administration would be left out, among them, Santa Fe, the most representative of those opponents.

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This is an old proposal that has its origins in the desire of teams like Millionaires so that the ‘big ones’ are in charge, those who decide, and with a new distribution in the revenue model of TV rights, a theme prickly and has always generated discrepancies. Already in March, Gustavo Serpa, the maximum shareholder of Millionaires, put the subject to roll. “You have to rethink how the distribution works, or how the Dimayor works or if it is worth continuing in the Dimayor, or if you have to create another tournament that really reflects economic realities, as happened in England,” he said.

In this situation, Eduardo Mendez, President of Santa Fe, stated that these clubs that want to create a new tournament should be expelled from international tournaments.

EL TIEMPO consulted with leaders of the schism group who assure that due to their specific weight, they are going to create a new league because they move more money, fans, and because they are more attractive for local and international tournaments, that is why, they say, they will end being recognized.

Vèlez, starting

Jorge Enrique Vélez, President of the Dimayor

Jorge Enrique Vélez, President of the Dimayor.


Néstor Gómez / EL TIEMPO

Jorge Enrique Vélez’s fall from the Dimayor presidency seems to be a matter of hours. This Thursday there were definitive meetings in which spokesmen of the teams that until days had not expressed that they would remove the backing, now they formally asked him to step aside.

Around 2 pm there was a first meeting with the teams Millionaires, America, Nacional, Medellín, Once Caldas and Alianza Petrolera with President Vélez. They expressed the general disagreement between the clubs and the difficulty for him to stay in office, especially after the 16 letters that reached Dimayor on Wednesday asking him to resign, including that of Deportivo Cali, who even ran as a candidate for replace Gustavo Lenis.

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In this meeting they asked Vélez that this is the time to resign, and that he do it so that he had a decent departure from the position he arrived in July 2018 to replace Jorge Perdomo. There was even talk of possible compensation. They asked him that they did not want it to be an abrupt exit, but a dialogue, for the sake of Colombian soccer.

After almost 4 hours of meeting, there was a second meeting, which yielded the true news of the day with the proposal of the new league. Although the clubs are still waiting for the departure of Vèlez. A leader consulted by EL TIEMPO said he did not know if Vélez was going to resign.

Only until that decision is made, the teams will begin to specify the other issue, to name the future president. On July 24 there is an extraordinary assembly. It would appoint the president of the assembly to develop it, change the statutes to modify the system of the championship and resume the League suspended by the covid-19 pandemic. Club presidents consulted by EL TIEMPO gave mixed opinions on the possibility of appointing Velez’s replacement in said assembly. Some argued that his extraordinary status would prevent it.



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