Dina Powell is no longer racing to succeed Nikki Haley


So, senior director of the White House for economic initiatives Dina Powell, followed by Ivanka Trump, leaves a press conference in 2017. (Andrew Harnik / AP / file)

The former White House aide Dina Powell is no longer running to succeed Nikki Haley as a US ambassador to the UN, a White House official and a person familiar with the issue said Thursday.

The news removes from consideration a former deputy national security advisor and the current Goldman Sachs executive chairman that President Trump had told some consultants was his preferred choice for the job.

Powell withdrew his name on Thursday in a "hot" telephone conversation with Trump, according to the person familiar with the situation. He will probably remain an unofficial external advisor, the person said, adding that it was "the right time" for Powell, who has a young family and a job he loves at Goldman Sachs.

The news of Powell, which took its name into account, was reported for the first time by Reuters.

Powell remains close to the president and his family – daughter Ivanka Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner – as well as other senior administration officials. He left the White House at the start of this year and moved to New York to join his family.

Powell and Trump also spoke on Wednesday, and the president told some confidants that she was one of his best job choices. At the time, a senior White House official described Powell as one of the two main candidates.

"She's certainly considered, she did a great job, she's been with us, as you know, for a long time," Trump told reporters when he landed in Erie, Pennsylvania, on Wednesday for a campaign rally.

But Powell also faced some opposition, including Chief of Staff John F. Kelly, with whom he had clashed during his time in the administration and who considered her a crank and some outside conservatives, who dismissed her. as a "globalist" ".

Powell and National Security Adviser John Bolton also differed on some political issues and held different world views, with Bolton pushing a more hawkish approach to foreign policy.

Trump said at the start of this week that he is considering "four or five" contenders to succeed Haley, who did a "great job" in the role of U.N. Ambassador. Haley resigns from the position at the end of the year.



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