Dinkes HIV/AIDS Screening 200 Residents of Class IIA Tangerang Prison

Kabar6 – The Tangerang City Health Office (Dinkes) in collaboration with the Class IIA Tangerang Correctional Institution (Lapas) carried out HIV/AIDS screening for 200 prison inmates. The screening is in celebration of World AIDS Day which will fall on December 1st.

The person in charge of the HIV/AIDS program at the Health Office’s PIMS, Farida Helmy said, screening aims to track and screen people with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA), because the symptoms of PLWHA cannot be known if they are not examined.

“This screening must be done massively so that it can be seen who are PLWHA and who are not. Because the early symptoms of AIDS are often not physically visible. They were all the same as the healthy ones, but their immunity had dropped drastically. Therefore, an examination must be carried out so that it can be detected early, “said Helmy, Saturday (20/11/2021).

Helmy explained, there are categories of people who are obliged to check themselves to see whether they have been exposed to HIV or not. People who have to check themselves are people with tuberculosis, STI patients, transgender people, injecting drug users, male sex men (MSM), female sex workers (FSW) and pregnant women.

“For pregnant women, they are required to do an examination called triple elimination. So, check for HIV/ADIS, Syphilis, and Hepatitis B at once. These are all available in all Puskesmas in Tangerang City. In addition, the general public is also advised to carry out this HIV test,” he said.

The Head of Class IIA Tangerang prison, Herastini hopes that counseling and screening activities like this can continue to be held to educate the inmates of the Class IIA Tangerang prison and also to check their health condition.

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“I hope here all negative, no HIV positive. In addition, I hope that activities like this will continue to be held, and we are very open because this is also for the good of the residents of the Class IIA Tangerang prison itself, “he hoped.

For information, the following is data on hospitals and health centers that can provide HIV/AIDS Support and Treatment (PDP) services in Tangerang City:

1. Tangerang City Hospital
2. RS EMC Tangerang
3. RSUP dr. Sitanala
4. Hermina Hospital Tangerang
5. RS Annisa
6. RS Mulya
7. Cibodasari Health Center
8. New Karawaci Health Center
9. Kunciran Baru Health Center
10. North Prohibition Health Center
11. Cipadu Health Center
12. Cikocol Community Health Center
13. Tanah Tinggi Health Center
14. Jatiuwung Health Center
15. Puskesmas Panunggangan
16. Neglasari Health Center. (Adv)

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