Dinos Reborn is presented as a new survival that points to Xbox

We have seen how dinosaurs have been a very attractive resource for proposals of all kinds. To what has been Ark: Survival Evolved and its next sequel Ark II, the new action game Second Extinction is added, and a new survival is added. It is the project by Vision Edge Entertainment and HardCodeWay, which invites us to survive the dinosaurs and presents Dinos Reborn as a new survival game that aims for Xbox, also reaching PC and Playstation consoles.

His presentation has been made effective through a trailer on Youtube, where we can know the proposal. A proposal that seems to try to take advantage of a second golden age of survivals proposed for a player where each one must survive the experience and become the dominant species.

Dinos Reborn is an open world FPP survival game set in a sci-fi setting with a mind-blowing storyline and intriguing mechanics. You can go from hunter to prey in seconds. Run, sneak, create and shoot to survive and uncover a great mystery.

At the time of knowing this proposal, it is clear that its objective is to challenge the players to survive the dinosaurs with Dinos Reborn. A game that can be very reminiscent of Ark: Survival Evolved, with the exception that it seems to have dispensed with that multiplayer component. Now, survival games are targeting solo audiences, such as the successful Valheim, among many others. Dinos Reborn appears on the Steam product page as a game that is scheduled to see the light of day this year. Now, we will have to wait to see if this development plans that this year will be the year in which also reaches Xbox consoles and Playstation. It is also necessary to clarify if its arrival will take place in the current generation or will also reach that of Xbox One.

Dinos Reborn runs on Unreal Engine and in the trailer we can intuit that he still has work ahead to polish many aspects. But it is not a cinematic trailer, but taken from the gameplay, so we can guess how this development is going right now. Continuing with the objectives of Dinos Reborn, promises to offer a deep survival experience, where you have to constantly improve. Becoming a hunter, or being a prey, can be a matter of a second and a decision will mark your future.

Credits: Steam

Here death comes in many possible ways. Control hunger, thirst, or fatigue. If you are injured or poisoned, you will need to find the right treatment. Be vigilant so as not to be discovered by fierce predators. Try to eliminate your smell, camouflage yourself and remain silent. Find a safe place to hide, and pray you don’t become dinner tonight.

It is necessary to cover basic needs, such as feeding, hydrating and building medicines and weapons. From insects to large carnivorous dinosaurs, they are threats in this world. I even know it will bring a world with a day-night cycle and variable weather conditions. And in these aspects, each moment, in each situation, can determine your ability to survive. A game that points to ways, and that seems to want to take advantage of the pull of this genre at the individual level, which seems to be turning into a real mine.

Credits: Steam

We will be attentive to the need to know more details of its launch on Xbox consoles.

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