Diplomat explained why the US proposed declaring Ukraine a “NATO+” country – UNIAN

After granting a new status, Ukraine could receive more extensive assistance, the expert noted.

The diplomat explained why the Republicans announced a bill on granting Ukraine the status of a “NATO +” country / photo from UNIAN, Mykhailo Palinchak

In the US announced by the Republicans draft law on declaring Ukraine a “NATO+” country – this is a continuation of the “game” of the Americans with the Russians.

Republicans want to show their activity, said “Apostrophe” diplomat Konstantin Grishchenko.

The interlocutor noted that after obtaining the status of a “NATO +” state, Ukraine could receive large-scale assistance, but it can be provided without such an innovation.

“… Regarding the bill on granting Ukraine the status of “NATO +”, in order to provide assistance, it is absolutely not necessary for us to provide any status. That is, this is a continuation of the game by the Americans with the Russians: “When you ask a question like this, we will put it like that” , said the expert.

Read alsoNew assistance to Ukraine from the United States: Western media learned what “shines” for KievEarlier it became known that in the United States Senate Republicans want to submit a bill for consideration, which provides for the declaration of Ukraine as a “NATO +” country.

The draft law also provides for checking the expediency of declaring Russia a country that sponsors terrorism.

The Russian authorities demanded that NATO guarantee that Ukraine would not become a member of the Alliance. Also in the Russian Federation they wanted NATO to abandon any activity on Ukrainian territory.

A meeting was held between representatives of NATO and Russia, during which the Alliance confirmed that they will continue to pursue an “open door” policy.

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NATO has repeatedly stated that the Russian Federation has no right to interfere with Ukraine’s entry into the Alliance.

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