Diplomatic scandal at the Polish embassy in Hungary

Laszló Toroczkai caused a diplomatic scandal in early November. Wishing Poland a Happy Independence Day, he tweeted: “God bless Poland! Let’s meet again on the common Polish-Hungarian border!” The post was accompanied by a black and white photo from the Użocka Pass, where the Polish and Hungarian border guard shake hands. The photo was taken after the occupation of Transcarpathia by Hungary in 1939.

Ukraine reacted to the entry, as the Polish-Ukrainian border is currently located in this place. “We call on the Hungarian government to condemn such irresponsible statements that undermine bilateral relations and do not correspond to the spirit of good neighborliness,” Oleg Nikolenko, spokesman for the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, wrote.

The controversy surrounding Toroczkai, however, is not limited to Ukraine. He has revisionist views on Hungary’s borders with other countries as well, and has had several travel bans to Slovakia, Romania and Serbia in recent years.

In 2018, Toroczkai founded a party — Our Homeland Movement. In April this year, it won several seats in parliament, and the Israeli media hailed it as “the most radical Hungarian party since World War II.” According to the European Center for Roma Rights, it is downright “neo-fascist”

Toroczkai, as it turns out, was a guest of the Polish embassy. On December 5, a meeting between Polish ambassador Sebastian Kęciek and Hungarian deputies who are members of the Hungarian-Polish parliamentary group operating within the Inter-Parliamentary Union took place in Budapest.

Toroczkai is not a member of this team, but as he himself informed, he arrived at the embassy in the company of his party MP Dávid Dócs. As “Rzeczpospolita” notes, the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed such a meeting, but did not explain why Toroczkai, who is not an MP, but the mayor of one of the villages, attended it.

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– On the one hand, Poland tries to play the role of Ukraine’s greatest ally, on the other hand, it invites a person who is its open enemy to meetings. This is a scandal – says KO MP Robert Tyszkiewicz, head of the parliamentary Liaison Committee with Poles Abroad and member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, in an interview with “Rzeczpospolita”. He announced that he would submit an interpellation to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs asking about the consequences that would be drawn against the management of the embassy.

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