Direct Asia reveals the amount of insurance renewal for 1st class cars, as well as rewards 1st class customers with an exclusive cruise package for free!

DirectAsia, the first auto insurance broker in Thailand that is ready to be with you from start to finish It is found that consumers are still interested in purchasing first-class car insurance as the number one priority. Economic park where the cost of living is high Oil prices are in an uptrend. and inflation The Ministry of Commerce recently raised its 2022 inflation forecast to 5.5 – 6.5%. In addition, customers continued to renew insurance with Direct Asia, up about 3% during January-June 2021 and 2022. On the claim side, there was a decrease of about 0.03% of the total reported claims, which was caused by a car crash with no parties being the top and to reward customers who have been side by side Direct Asia for the past 8 years, the company also offers a cruise package as well. Hacker-Craft boat with driver from True Leasing* 10 prizes for customers who buy first class car insurance and pay insurance premiums on the website today – 14 August 2022

Mr. Worawut Warikarn, Executive Chairman of Direct Asia (Thailand) Co., Ltd. revealed that the impact of the economy in Thailand both cost of living The price of oil has continued to rise for a year. and inflation It was found that it did not significantly affect the demand for first class car insurance of Direct Asia customers. by choosing to buy car insurance for customers in the first half of the past year Class 1 car insurance is still popular. and customers choose to buy the most. Even recently, the Office of Trade Policy and Strategy (OCP), Ministry of Commerce. Has released data on the consumer price index of Thailand. or inflation in July 2022, an increase of 7.61% from the same period last year.

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“Even during inflation And during the past year, the price of crude oil continued to rise. Hit the highest price in years causing Thai people to spend with caution But consumers still want to mitigate the risks of unpredictable situations. including wanting to control household expenses As a result, consumers still pay attention. and share the expenses for the purchase of various insurances, especially car insurance Because the car is one of the important factors in daily life. For travel for comfort and due to the COVID-19 situation alleviated the worry The number of infections and deaths tends to improve. Many companies have started to allow employees to return to work as usual. As a result, the use of cars on the road has increased accordingly. Therefore, consumers pay more attention to driving. including paying attention to accident risk management that are likely to occur in daily life Buying first-class car insurance can therefore meet the most comprehensive accident coverage needs. both with parties and no parties Class 1 car insurance has become popular with drivers all the time,” said Mr. Worawut.

In addition, the Company also found that in the first half of 2022, compared to 2021, the number of existing customers reinsured with Direct Asia accounted for 76.17% and 73.17%, respectively, or an increase of approximately 3%. Claim at the same time The number of claims made by pickup trucks increased by 0.18%, while sedans reported a decrease of 0.06%, with claims caused by accidents with no parties. The drivers with the highest number of claims were in the age range of 30-39 years and found that almost all of the cars were insured with Class 1, followed by Class 2+ and 3+ respectively.

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On the occasion of Direct Asia’s 8th anniversary of doing business, ready to be with you from start to finish. and to thank customers for supporting the company For a long time, Direct Asia would like to offer a hacker-craft cruise with chauffeur package from True Leasing* for customers who purchase first-class car insurance and pay on the website for the first 10 policies starting from Today – 14 August 2022, if interested, you can ask for more information at 02-767-7777 or follow the details. and conditions of activities at

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