Director Khaled Youssef on “Sorah Al-Batea”: A difficult experience that I will not repeat!

He told Al that the series, which is shown as part of the Ramadan drama race, is like a “suicide mission” to him, which he will go through in full detail and stop for the next two years.

Published in: March 20, 2023: 03:39 PM GST
Last updated: Mar 20, 2023: 05:35 PM GST

Egyptian director Khaled Youssef revealed details of the experience of his new series, in which he is running the Ramadan race. He told that his series includes more than 50 of the most famous Arab artists and uses cinematic techniques in it, indicating that the events of the series are inspired by a story. His Great Secret, written by the great and late writer Youssef Idris, from the collection of short stories, “Hadat Sharaf”, which revolves around superstitions in rural Egypt and the building of a shrine for a person to whom worshipers go and believe that seeking blessings from him meets their needs.

Youssef stated that the series is like a “suicide mission” for him, which he will go through in full detail and stop for the next two years, before repeating a similar experience in the drama, but he will of course return to his cinematic work.

Khaled Youssef, born in 1964 in Kafr Shukr, Qalyubia Governorate, was one of the prominent leaders of the student movement in the eighties, then he obtained a Bachelor of Engineering, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering in 1990, and the late great director Youssef Chahine advised him to work in cinema.

Youssef began working in the cinema by participating in a short documentary film entitled “Cairo Shining with Its People”. He soon fell in love with directing and was a student of Youssef Chahine.

In 1992, he became an assistant to Shaheen in the movie “The Immigrant” and assumed responsibility for the executive director of Shaheen’s films, namely “Al-Masir”, “The Other” and “Alexandria New York”.

Khaled Youssef was one of the most prominent opponents of the Brotherhood’s rule, and according to his previous statements, he asked to film scenes and footage of the June 30, 2013 demonstrations against the group, indicating that the numbers that appeared in the footage that were filmed were less than the huge crowds that actually took to the streets.

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