Director of clinic 7 of the IMSS of Monclova dismissed after 42 infections

Mourned the doctor’s death Gualberto Reyes, who was the second victim of COVID-19 in the entity, and said that another point is to keep track of the suspected cases of COVID-19 that are in the hospital as well as the contacts made by positive patients to prevent the spread of the virus among the community.

He clarified that there will no longer be a problem of supplies, since protective suits have already arrived for medical and nursing personnel who treat patients suspected or positive of cOronaviruses have already reached Coahuila and will be distributed in the various clinics.

He said that in Monclova the provision of 50 ventilators is contemplated so that in the event that patients with extreme problems are hospitalized and require mechanical ventilation, they have the team to support them.

He clarified that at the moment there is only the case of two hospitalized coronavirus positive patients, all the others are isolated at home.

Finally he commented that the doctor Ulises Mendoza, will leave the address and will be replaced by Dr. Víctor Manuel Hernández Barbachano.

Governor Miguel Riquelme regretted the death of Dr. Gualberto Reyes and mentioned that all the demand will be put in place so that this type of situation does not happen again.

“The doctors and nurses have all our respect, all our support and all our recognition, what we seek today is that they work in the best conditions.”

Yesterday in Coahuila eight new confirmed cases of COVID-19 were presented, six of these in Monclova and 2 in Piedras Negras, so the figure in the State reached 64 cases that have left two deaths.


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