DIRECTV Sports | Griezmann, main actor in Barcelona model 2021

The French footballer is the one who has assisted the most in scoring for the Blaugrana team since the beginning of the year.

The agonizing goal and the image of the match belong to Gerard Piqué, who headed the game for Copa del Rey overtime. However, this came thanks to the center executed by Antoine Griezmann, who rises as one of the greatest figures of Barcelona so far in 2021.

The French footballer left the area when the ball was on fire and, in the last minute, sent the ball into the area from the left wing to add one more assist in this new year, thus becoming the ninth for his part according to Opta data. .

Thanks to this that the former Real Sociedad is, counting all the competitions, the maximum assistant of the Blaugrana team since the beginning of the year. And not only that, but he gave more ratings than any other LaLiga player.

Faced with a hypothetical departure of Lionel Messi in the middle of the year, Antoine Griezmann is shown as what could be the new face of Barcelona in this Koeman Era and what the club will be after the elections.

Foto: Getty Images


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