Dirty Tactics Lengthen Time No Longer Useful for Bali United, Two Consecutive Matches Affected by Last Minute Comebacks


Bali United goalkeeper, Muhammad Ridho when he managed to withstand an attack from the Persija Jakarta team at the Patriot Chandrabhaga Stadium




BOLANAS.COM – Bali United no longer a team capable of maintaining excellence until the final whistle, Persija and PSM gave penalties in the last two matches.

Bali United can no longer rely on various techniques to buy time at the end of the match after seeing the results of the fight against Persija Jakarta and PSM Makassar.

Care team Stefano Cugurra So far, the Indonesian public has despised him for various acts of wasting time when he is ahead in a match Liga 1.

However, the last two games showed Bali United is a team that is easy to concede in the last minute.

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In the match against Persija Jakarta, Sunday (15/1/2023), Bali United ended the first half with a 2-1 victory.

To maintain that advantage, the Serdadu Tridatu players took turns falling, pretending to be in pain, and asking for treatment.

Novri Setiawan, Privat Mbarga, M Rahmat, and Muhammad Ridho annoyed The Jakmania by continuing to scatter on the field.

It’s a shame that this stalling action embarrassed Bali United, because of Persija’s two goals in the 97th and 100th minute.

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