“Disappointed by the police. But I got an offer in politics” – Libero Quotidiano

“Some colleagues no longer greet me, they see me as a monster”: the assistant commissioner no green pass Nunzia Alessandra Schilirò, who ended up in the center of the storm for the statements released from the stage of San Giovanni, admitted that she was disappointed by the police and in particular by the treatment reserved for them by the administration. Schilirò, however, also revealed that she had received offers from the world of politics: “At the moment, however, I’m a policewoman, I’m not going to be in politics “, said a Republic.

After the meeting in Rome against the green pass, therefore, the official does not take a step back: “On that stage I was a free citizen. I did not wear the uniform, I was exercising my right of expression“And to those who accused her of being a terrorist, she replied:” It’s absurd, I’m a pacifist. “In the meantime, however, after the controversy, the department opened disciplinary action against her.

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Regarding the green certificate, however, his position is always the same: “The green pass violates the articles of the first part of the Constitution. And if a law is illegitimate, I have a duty to say it precisely because I am a representative of the state. I am a policewoman. I have not committed any crime. “When asked if she had vaccinated, she preferred to remain vague:” I do not intend to answer for privacy reasons. Let’s say I could get the green pass with ease. But I don’t want a card that certifies my state of health if I have to go to the cinema or have dinner in a restaurant “.

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