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Science and Technology Center / Reported by Zhou Yiyu

In addition to selling the latest iPhone 13 mobile phone, Apple recently released the latest version of iOS 15 to allow users to perform system upgrades. However, many disasters have been reported one after another, including the inability to unlock the phone with the Apple Watch, errors in the backup and restoration, and the inability to close the micro I didn’t expect some users to point out recently that a bug in the messaging app will cause the stored photos to be deleted.

▲iPhone 13 went on sale, and the latest version of iOS 15 was released, but disasters continued to spread. (Picture/Retrieved from Apple’s official website)

According to a report by “ETtoday News Cloud”, some users reported that after the update to iOS 15, the message app has a bug. If you save a photo from the message app and then delete the message, the photo will still disappear even if the picture has been saved to the personal iCloud library , Cannot be saved with iCloud backup. Since this problem has not been fixed yet, it is recommended not to delete the conversation data temporarily after downloading the photos.

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