This year, users of phones and smart devices are waiting for the emergence of new versions of “Android” and “iOS” with new features.

As for the new developments that these copies will bring to users, Vladimir Gritsenko, a technical expert in the Russian digital platform, “Digital Citizen,” said: “This fall, smartphone users will be able to update their phone operating systems and get the versions” iOS 14 “and” Android 11 “. The most prominent thing that will appear in the “iOS” systems is the new formatting tools in the menus. As for “Android 11”, it will be loaded with a feature that enables users to document what is happening on their phone screens through video clips, and the process of documenting a screenshot on “Android” devices will become easier as well. It will also improve the mechanism of working notifications in these devices. “

The expert added: “With the emergence of the new” iOS “version, iPhone users will be able to determine the location and size of the coordination tools on their devices, and this version will also carry a long-awaited feature, a feature that makes the call notification appear in a small size on the screen when receiving calls, with a mechanism similar to a mechanism. “Message notifications appear.”

The other important feature that may appear in the iPhone version with the acquisition of “iOS 14” is the advantage of opening two application interfaces simultaneously on the screen as is the case in some “Samsung” phones, which will enable the user to make video calls and use another application, for example. .

Source: RIA Novosti – Russia Today


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