Discomfort to the long-term care FACILITY of Providence to Montigny-le-Roi

For nearly a year, several families of residents concerned about the nasty ambiance that prevails in the long-term care FACILITY of Providence, at Montigny-le-Roi. Several letters have been sent including the president of the communal Centre for social action (CCSA) is still in place and the manager of the establishment, Romary Didier, who remained dead letters. At the heart of this malaise present, the behavior described “flippant and disrespectful” of the directorate-general and the director, Jeremy Ramadier in particular, both to the families and the staff “is overdue”.

Lasses this gangrene the daily of Providence, several people are grouped together to form the collective “Support for families” who has decided to write the ultimate mail sent to Romary Didier, but also to the préfète, the president of the county Council who has a right of glance on the CCAS, among others. A last step which they hope to be the one of the appeasement. The meeting to be held Monday, June 22, at evening, between the representatives of the collective and Romary Didier, accompanied by two of his assistants, will set the tone…

Read in the JHM released on Tuesday 23 June.

Published the 25-06-2020 at 12:21 pm

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