Discontent in the Junta de Castilla y León with the Government for not communicating the transfer of 150 immigrants to the Salinas spa

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Both the Ministry of Family and Equal Opportunities of Castilla y León and the City Council of Medina del Campo have expressed this Wednesday their displeasure over the “unilateral decision of the central Government” to temporarily transfer 150 immigrants who arrived in the Canary Islands to the resort of Salinas de la Valladolid town, which is closed for renovation.

This “without in any case” having been in communication with the regional Government, according to what sources from the Ministry have told EFE, who have recalled that the Community It is and will continue to be a welcoming landas has been demonstrated to date.

“Even though they are state powers, the arrival of these people has been a unilateral decision of the Central Government, which in no case has been in communication with the Board. The normal thing is that it would have informed to be able to coordinate care for these people“, they have transferred from the Ministry.

Along the same lines, the spokesperson of the Board, Carlos Fernandez Carriedohas stressed, in statements to the media in Valladolid, this lack of communication to the Community about the transfer, and has argued that “things must be done differently” when in addition a part of the services that must be provided, such as in health, education or social services, correspond to autonomy.

The Government delegate in the Community, Virginia Barcones, He explained this Wednesday in statements to the media in Zamora, that centers in six provinces of Castilla y León will welcome immigrants arriving from the Canary Islands due to the avalanche of cayucos arriving in that Community that will join the 150 that have just settled temporarily in the resort. of the Palacio de las Salinas in Medina del Campo (Valladolid), taking advantage of its closure for renovation.

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