Discover possible rivers and lakes on Titan, the moon of Saturn


Discover possible rivers and lakes on the surface of Titan, the moon of Saturn

The Cassini probe is studying the planet


the European Space Agency (ESA, for its acronym in English) showed a series of photographs of titan, The largest moon of Saturn and the only one with a substantial atmosphere.

In the snapshots, taken from the space probe Cassiniwe observe formations such as rivers, lakes and seas titan it's the only place besides the land, with liquids.

However, instead of water, that liquid, with temperatures of around -180 degrees centigrade, is methane, a simple organic compound that is given the darkening of its atmosphere.

the ESA explains that this sequence of images is the best representation of today titan, result of the combination of data from many observations made under different lighting conditions and visibility throughout the mission.

In the image, the colors reflect the variations in the materials of the lunar surface. The dunes of Ecuador appear in brown, while the bluish and violet tones may indicate materials enriched in ice water.

After orbiting for about 13 years Saturn and 20 years after its launch from Earth, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) decided to end the mission by immersion on the planet on September 15, 2017.




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