Discover the most expensive car in the history of mankind

Bugatti, the automaker, presented its latest products at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, but perhaps the most surprising is its price.

At the last car show in Geneva, Bugatti Automotive announced its new car, La Voithore Noire, which has become the most expensive car of all time at over $ 12 million, specifically at $ 12,452,905 , as reported by the British Express.

It has become the most expensive car of all time

Launched on his car, La Voightore Noire or The Black Car, it is brand new and has produced an appreciation for the model "Top 57Scan Atlantic", considered the icon of Jean Bugatti.

The appearance of this black car can be described as the best appearance of the Bugatti cars in recent years with its dramatic curves, sharp angles and strong appearance.

Development of the Typ 57 SC Atlantic concept

The company's president, Stephen Finkelman, described the car as "the most recent interpretation of the SC Atlantic model" and that it was "a beauty party".

"Our history is both a privilege and a responsibility," he added, "it is the responsibility of Bugatti's future legacy to continue: with the black car, we salute our legacy and offer speed, technology, luxury and aesthetics to a new era ".

The black car costs more than $ 12 million

The designer Bugatti Etienne Salome stated that every element of the car was made by hand and that its external structure in carbon fiber had a deep black sheen that could only be broken by the microfibre structure, adding that "this is the material that it was ideally treated ".

Salome noted that the design work lasted so long that the design team reached a level "that can no longer develop or improve".

The black car is completely handmade

The characteristics of the car are powered by a 16-liter 8-cylinder engine that produces up to 1,479 horsepower, while the torque is 1600 Newton meters.

Naturally, the company should produce a limited number of this luxurious luxury car.



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