Discover the qualifying teams for the quarter-finals of the European League


Eight teams qualified for the quarter-finals of the European League Cup, after their home games in the 16th round of the Thursday evening competition.

Spanish and English clubs played the lion's share of the quarter-finals, with both teams participating in two teams.

The clash of the 16 rounds of surprises, except for Slavia Bragg of the Czech Republic at the expense of the Spanish Spaniard with a 4-3 win in extra time, after the first stage in the Andalusian city with a positive draw of 2-2.

The list of teams that qualify for the quarter finals of the European league, as follows:

English Arsenal

Chelsea English

Spanish Valencia

Villarreal of Spain

Slavia Prague Czech Republic

Italian Naples

Eintracht German Frankfurt

Benfica of Portugal

Results of the European league
Results of the European league

The draw for the quarter-finals will be played Monday at noon in the Swiss city of Nyon, following the same draw for the Champions League.

The quarter-finals will be held April 11 and home games of the 18th of the same month.



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