Discover the specifications of the Huawei alternative operating system for Android


Huawei has developed an operating system as an alternative to smartphones if the company has been banned from using the Google products by the US government and Huawei has already blocked access to Google's Android operating system after the American government has entered the company on the blacklist of exchanges.

According to the "businessinsider" website, the ban on the company is not complete Huawei devices, the blacklist will affect future Huawei devices, and the current phones will stop getting Android updates.

The problem with the Android operating system is that the Huawei phones are based entirely on the system, which also provides the Google Play app store, which contains all the popular Google apps like Gmail, YouTube and Google Maps, as well as a list of other applications.

Huawei is working on the launch of an alternative operating system for Android to protect its future and current products, on which it has been working for years and intends to work as an alternative plan in the event of a continuing embargo crisis.

1. The special operating system is called "Project Z".

2. Huawei has developed "Project Z" for several years and has been in development for seven years since 2012, citing sources from China.

3 – The problem with the new operating system is not how effective its work is but not to get support for applications like the Android system.

4. The system will be good in China and less attractive by any other Chinese smartphone users are already used to running Android phones that do not come with Google Play and its applications because they are banned in China, but in other places users rely on applications.

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