Discover the spectacular facial transplant of this Californian –


Is called Cameron Underwood and this American can be considered a miracle ! In June 2016, he tries to commit suicide by shooting himself under his chin. The attempt is missed. result, he is totally disfigured. It loses almost all the teeth, the nose, the central part of the face and the lower jaw.

Listed on the waiting list to receive organs, he was finally able to do it to find a face thanks to Professor Eduardo D. Rodriguez of NYU Langone Health in New York and to the gift of the deceased patient William Fisher. Underwood was able to benefit from an operation that lasted 25 hours and required advanced technology.

Almost total facial reconstruction with advanced technologies

At the beginning of the year Cameron Underwood receives a call from the plastic surgeon announcing that he has found a compatible donor to perform the transplant of his face. A hundred professionals participate in the heavy operation that took place between 5 and 6 January..

During the 25 hours of the operation, The team of Professor Rodriguez has reconstructed almost the entire face of the patient (lower and upper jaw, 32 teeth, gums, palate, floor of the mouth, eyelids, cheeks and nose). 10 days after the surgery, the result of transplantation and facial reconstruction is simply impressive.

As a reminder, the first face transplant was performed in France, in Amiens more precisely. It was 2005 and since then the technologies have evolved enormously. For this operation, the US team used three-dimensional patient-specific cutting guides. Progress that allowed them to be more precise and allowperfectly align the bones of the face.

Cameron Underwood with photos of the donor, William Fisher

But the 3D did not serve the recipient. The doctors used it a synthetic mask printed in 3D after removing the donor's face. The goal is restore the integrity of your identity. Professionals think this technique would do "the donation trip is more convenient and easier for the donor family"says Helen Irving, president of the organization responsible for organ recovery in New York.

For Cameron Underwood, he will have to get used to his new face now. After spending 37 days in the hospital (including 23 days in intensive care), it will do so follow the speech therapy sessions. In parallel, it should follow a treatment for life so as not to refuse the transplant. The main interested party send a thought to the donor and his family for this "incredible sacrifice" and he said to himselfforever grateful to Dr. Rodriguez and his team"Cameron now he hopes his experience can give hope to all those who are waiting for a facial transplant.


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