Discover the sunrises and sunsets on Mars


ISThe InSight robot, with which NASA travels to Mars, took photos of the sunrise and sunset of the red planet. According to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL, for its acronym in English), the photos were taken on the 145th day of the mission, in the Martian equivalent of 5.30am. and at 18.30, on 24 and 25 April last.

The photos can be seen in its two versions: the original one and the one with the correct color. In the former, the JPL indicated that more details appear, even if the retouched ones have a higher precision, as the human eye would see them.

Moreover, the sun can be seen in a dimension of about two thirds of what is observed from the Earth, due to the greater distance from which it was photographed.

This was the second time the InSight probe took pictures of the different moments of the day on the red planet, since the first ones were on March 2nd and 10th. "It was a tradition for Mars missions to capture the sunrise and sunset," said JPL scientist Justin Maki in Pasadena (California, USA).

The first mission in sending that type of photo was that of the Viking 1 ship, which captured the Martian twilight on August 21st 1976, while the Viking 2 probe photographed the sunrise on June 14th 1978.

The first earthquake

Days ago, NASA announced that the InSight probe had recorded, for the first time in history, an earthquake on Mars. The tremor was captured on April 6th.

The French SEIS seismometer, installed in the rover, was the one that captured what happened on day 128 of the mission, even though the cause of the seismic event has not yet been clarified by specialists.


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