discovered a treasure dating back to the Middle Ages


It is already nicknamed "The treasure of Hambleden". This discovery is the largest collection of gold and silver produced in the UK for a decade. A treasure worth £ 150,000 self 173,000 euros, unearthed in a field in the middle of nowhere, in Buckinghamshire, in the center of England, near the village of Hambleden.

This find dating back to the fourteenth century was made with metal detectors, by four would-be treasure hunters, according to the British news agency SWNS. That day Andrew Winter, 38, Tobiasz and Mateusz Nowak, 30 and 33, and Dariusz Fijalkowski, 44, participated in a competition for metal detector enthusiasts.

After an hour exploring the field, Andrew's driver makes a professional sound. He doesn't know what to expect when he digs. a the first piece of silver is unearthed and then a second. His friends join him and begin to explore the surroundings. Tobiasz, Mateusz and Dariusz take turns on another four pieces.

"My car was like a vacuum cleaner"

The competition rules then remind them: any discovery of more than three pieces is actually considered a "treasure", which means that it must be declared to the organizers. The field is then evacuated and marked. Their detectors do not stop ringing.

"It seemed unreal, after finding the money and cleaning up the area, we had to extend the search twice, because we found a lot," says Mateusz, a hospital maintenance worker. "We continued to search, find, find and dig and dig and dig. My car was like a vacuum cleanersays Andrew.

Excavations will continue for four days. At night, the four treasure hunters sleep in a tent near the site to prevent theft.

11.500 euros the gold coin

Eventually, they will come out of the earth 545 silver coins, dating back to the time of Kings Edward I and II (1272-1327), e 12 gold coins dating back to the time of Edward III (died 1377). This treasure would have been hidden there by a wealthy person over 600 years ago.

Waiting to be estimated by the experts, the loot is kept in a local museum. Once evaluated, these coins, including those in gold, would be worth it € 11,500 per unit, will be auctioned. The sum will then be distributed among our four amateur hunters and the land owner.

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