Discovered in Las Ventas the tile to José María Manzanares, "bullfighter of bullfighters"

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The bullfighter José María Manzanares He already has a commemorative tile in the Las Ventas Bullring in recognition of his professional career. This Thursday, in the galleries of Tendiente 1, the discovery of this mosaic took place in an event with a large audience and colleagues who did not want to miss this recognition that the Community of Madrid, through the Center for Bullfighting Affairs, has with various bullfighters. and personalities from the world of bullfighting.

The Director of the Center for Bullfighting Affairs, Miguel Abellanhe remembered the figure of the teacher apple orchards in the words of welcome. Manzanares was Abellán’s alternative godfather and the current Director of the CAT did not hesitate to recognize that he was a source of inspiration from his beginnings in the profession. A “bullfighter’s bullfighter” like him reads on the tile, whose definition perfectly details the whole of both the bullfighter and the person himself. Once the tile was discovered, he took his son José Maria Manzanares to speak.

Visibly moved, he could not prevent a tear from blooming at some point when remembering his father. “I remember him every day, and every day he is present in me, next October 28 it will be nine years since he left us.” “I am still a bullfighter and I maintain my enthusiasm for him, many of my motivations are because he felt proud of his son.” “Every day it is more difficult when he is not there, he is missed,” he said. apple orchards.

After his words of remembrance to the figure of his father, there were numerous fans who wanted to speak with the bullfighter and take photographs with him. Admirers of his father who today did not want to miss the event in Las Ventas, whom Manzanares attended to one by one, out of emotion and gratitude for so much affection from the fans. How grateful he appeared to his companions, especially with Julio Aparicio o Uceda Lealwho wanted to accompany the bullfighter and his family on such an important day.

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